Widely (and correctly) considered the Godfather of Heavy Metal. ^^' Friendly, easy goin', hella cool and a great guy to know, nobody plays metal better then Ozzy. ;)

Note that popular belief often attributes Ozzy to being a violent, Church-hating wife-beating alcoholist. Nothing could be further from the truth... Ozzy's a friendly guy who loves and supports his family and fans, and one of the few artists of the heavy metal genre who's modest and easy-goin' enough to not take music too seriously ;) (Example, the "wannabe-Anti Christ" Marilyn Manson XP). Black Sabbath rules!
Ozzy's an awesome guy who kicks the asses of all other artists easy. Forget Metallica, Black Sabbath will forever live on! Yeah! ^_~;
by Alhadis August 21, 2004
Former member of Black Sabbath, The Blizzard...Lord of Heavy Metal, The Universial God of Hard Rock! Crazy Train conductor (all abooooooord! HAHAHA!)
Ozzy Osbourne is God!
by CaptainSmashDrum June 25, 2004
King Of rock-and-roll, Loves us all. see Black Sabbath
"Did you see the new ozzy video?"
"Yeah, man, IT ROCKS!!!"
by ZHa_Dazigus December 08, 2003
The Prince of Darkness. The Creator of metal itself. Along with being resposible for a lot of other crazy things such as:

1. Biting the head off of a bat and a dove
2. Shooting 17 cats
3. Throw raw meat at a live audience

The term 'doing an Ozzy osbourne' means you have done something REALLLLLY silly that a whole lot of people will remember for ever and ever.
Joe: Mary's in jail!

Fred: What did she do?

Joe: Jumped off a brick wall and killed 4 people!

Fred: What an Ozzy osbourne!!

by sandy vodka March 19, 2009
The godfather of rock,n,roll master of death metal above God on all levels undescribably unbeatable at rock,n,roll
guy 1: yo dude why is there 70 trillion people here
guy 2: why do think ozzy osbourne's albums are on sale
by crazy jay666 October 29, 2011
one of the greatest metal artists of all time, now degraded by most modern music
person 1: Do you like metal music?
person 2: I do but I don't like Ozzy Osbourne.
person 1: so you don't like metal music?
by TheScar September 25, 2014
prince of darkness whose brain has been turned into a warm slurpie from years of drug abuse
"eerrrr SHARON!!!! errrr jack err how do you work t-t-t-t-he remote - SHARON!!!!! err err eeh eh"
by bitchesANDgravy October 28, 2004
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