Former king of metal. Now a washed up sell-out who only sees dollar signs. This started with his show "The Osbournes", to re-enact one of the episodes go to a channel you don't get and let the beeping noise go on for thirty minutes. Need more proof? A few years ago Ozzy had a few of his CDs re-done with different bass and drums.
Please Ozzy, do metal a favor and retire.
by Billy Bob Bo Brain the 3rd. August 20, 2005
1. Any person that whores themself out to anybody/anything that gives them money.
2. Another term for "washed up"
3. Another term for "drug addict"
4. When something goes from fun to disturbing.
1. Mark: Hey, you know that Lisa chick? She's a whore; she's so ozzy osbourne!
2. Ozzy Osbourne is Ozzy Osbourne.
3. Mark: Hey! Bum! Stop being such an Ozzy and get a job!
4. Mark: I had a job at Disneyland. It went to ozzy really fast.
by good music rules May 19, 2005
The man who helped birth heavy metal, reshaped the musical landscape of the world, but was too drugged up to notice.

He didn't so much do drugs as majored in them, and got tenure.

And before you click on thumbs down I love the Ozzman and would totally give him my kidneys (he'll probably be needing those soon with everything he's put in his system).
"I've been fakking doing what for the past 40 years? Fakking sweet."
-Ozzy Osbourne
by Sam is a Dick March 25, 2007
Not a bad band, but is usually liked by idiots who will never graduate highschool.
failure 1:Dude, Ozzy Osbourne kicks ass!
failure 2:Ozzy kicks major ass!
me:You guys suck ass!
by Greg B September 17, 2005

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