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A contraction-like suffix that takes the place of -orry or -orrow in words.
Mother: You just destroyed my only means of transportation!
You: Soz! (Sorry – -orry + -oz)

You: Oh man. I just remembered about that history assignment due on Thursday.
Friend: Uh... I think that's actually due tomoz. (tomorrow – -orrow + -oz)

Friend: I just read this pseudo-sequel to Catcher in the Rye that this one kid in my literature class wrote! It's sick!
You: Dude, I'mma wanna boz that shit. (borrow – -orrow + -oz)
by ab0tt November 02, 2009
1 0
1. An Ounce.
2. Australia.
1. "I only sell oz's and up."
2. "Come to oz and I'll show you a mutha-fucking oz."
by Diego September 04, 2003
436 195
A user on Solia Online who frequents the Solian Community Discussion and Public Forum a lot. Very cool guy.
Oz is so slammin', I'd tear that ass up.
by Cumburglar February 14, 2009
201 93
HBO prison television series, the best show ever. There's everything, irish people, nazis, niggas, asians, russians, muslims, bikers, gays.
"Oh, i'm SBS, i think i'll just replace Oz with queer as folk. that seems like a good idea. Shatan"
by Simon Adebisi January 01, 2005
327 238
The magical land in which the books The Wizard Of Oz and Wicked take place.
We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz.
by Elia April 29, 2005
131 80
British slang for the imperial measurement of one ounce (or 28.65 grams)
Can I have an oz of that skunk please?
by Dan Fox July 30, 2003
101 53
australia! land down under
the greatest country in the world!
by herbie February 23, 2004
249 203
Very informative prison show.
Kind of like a virtual prison, with no actual prisoners just actors.
by Saints October 09, 2003
126 86