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I was in oz for six months, I did some oz, he just came back from oz, just got out of oz
by Kaluminin July 15, 2009
8 8
Custom Italian wheel / rim Company founded in Italy. OZ racing is a producer of fine rims
Look at them OZ's on that Navi.
by Bling Bling.com August 11, 2003
22 26
OZ is an Emmanuel College, at the uni of queensland in st. lucia 4067, symbol of excellence that few embody. The chosen one must exhibit dedication, bravery, honor, charisma, sexual appeal, and most importantly community service.
Currently, Micheal is the Emmanuel College OZ.
by Marc, Dani, and Ashley April 18, 2007
6 16
The alcoholic beverage that puts one "over the rainbow" and makes pronunciation dificult... see ozish
"She always slurs her words after she's had the oz".
by Billy TK May 31, 2006
7 20
Commonly known as a gritty prison drama, Oz is actually more like a soap opera that happens to be set in a prison. Oz is a great show, but it is ludicrous at best.
OZ is not realistic.
by anony February 11, 2005
31 44
Name given to the person who is in charge of the world's largest radio trivia contest held every spring in Stevens Point, WI. The Oz writes the questions, enforces the rules, has the power to make any changes in the rules at any time during the contest, rules on complaints about particular questions, and is a really, really cool frood.
What the fuck? We have a fucking book source saying otherwise! Remind me to call Oz on the compliant line about that question
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
12 33
tall swedish looking braire
oz!stop florganing around!
by wartmudder March 12, 2004
4 29