meaning honey in Yoruba and the person is sweet and lovely and gets on well with boys.
person1: eyy you see oyin ye shes exactly like the meaning of her name.

person2: aliee she proper turns me on.
by certified spices January 24, 2013
Top Definition
Oyin refers to a person who has really let himself go. He does not care for his own personal image and will do almost anything for a hot meal.
Jerrell: Damn Liam, is there anything you won't eat?
Liam: Nope. You could say that I'm an oyin.
by Not Arsal April 08, 2009
The inner pleasure one gets from good news, but only in circumstances that requires them to act disappointed.
Mother: Hey Cruz, son we're not going to Nana's today. Some terrorists went round her house and punched her nose. She is currently on a life support machine.

Cruz: Well how disappointing is that? (inner oyin: "wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo")
by oyin56@overthemill April 14, 2009
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