Cuban for "Yo!"
Oye brode, wazzup?
#brode #cubanaso #yo #wazzup #miami
by efgvbtghjm September 13, 2010
Top Definition
1. listen, listen up, listen here. Any one of those. Pronounce oh-yai or oh-jai, depending on the specific dialect of spanish the person is speaking.

2. Once mentioned on an interview meant close to the same meaning as chico.

3. Characterized in the jewish vernacular as to describe a state of stress or kind of like our saying 'oh my G-d'
oye mi canto - listen to my song, listen to me sing
#chico #ese #spanish #judaism #cuban
by KC November 29, 2005
Listen up
Oye, what time is da bitches gettin here
by Iceberg Slim November 07, 2003
another way to agree with someone or to show acknowledgement.
friend: want to come to school tomorrow? you: oye

friend: i hit a triple last night! you: oye
#yeah #okay #sure #agreed #true
by itzLukeh November 21, 2011
The theory of opening one's eyes to truly see what is hidden. Created by the mastermind that is Dennis "O.Y.E." Collin Harris-Kandekore.
Bro, you gotta O.Y.E. to see what your best friend is doin' behind your back.
#dennis #o.y.e. #oye #harris #kandekore #collin
by d.oye.c.h-k April 02, 2011
British for "hey" also used by the English & Irish.
"Oye, get over here", said the young British fellow.
#oye #british #fellow #english #come over here
by HansGioLoy21 July 30, 2010
A Hispanic person mainly referring to Hispanics males in Miami because they always yelling oye. Also referred to as Gualla, Dale con dale's, and spics
Damn them oye's always starting beef when i take they spanish hoes. Fuckin Oye's are haters
#gualla #dale con dale's #spics #goya and guala #guala guala
by I-am-da-Truth April 22, 2008
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