A contradiction in terms. Contrary to what some people will tell you, from Limerick to Florida, it does NOT mean a stupid ox. Derived instead from the Greek words oxy (sharp) and moros (dull).
Examples of oxymorons:

sunny night
military intelligence
compassionate conservative
ethical landlord
honest politician
open-minded altie
Christian Democrat
to appear invisible
deafening silence
friendly fire
charm offensive
civil war
by Fearman December 03, 2007
noun; adverb; a word used to describe a combination of 2 words or names that when used in a sarcastic light, is probably the funniest way to make light of any person, place, or thing,. Individual results may vary when said word is orated/spoken. There are many definitions of oxymoron, which proves the slant on the word itself is an expression of each individual's self interest and display of wit.
military intelligents,
cracker work,
igger work,
microsoft works,
urban dictionary

oxymoron definition,
by terryzz February 24, 2009
An Oxymoron is a combination of contradictory words.
Oxymorons include
Cold Heat
Blind scout
Anything postive said with President Bush
by Fast Eddeh October 11, 2008
Two contradicting words placed together in a sentence. Sometimes used as a marketing tool.
"Ric Flair Finance Co. is an Oxymoron! Maybe I should think of going elsewhere!"
by Soulytrack April 06, 2008
Two words in a phrase that conflict and go against each other.
Jumbo Shrimp
Military Intelligence
Black People
by Nate Higgers January 26, 2005
Anyone who falls for that late-night TV commercial for the goofy cleaning product, Oxy-Clean.
"Hi, Rufus and I just bought some cleaner sold by a huckster on television!"
by dickster March 13, 2003
Two words or phrases that contradict each other. (can also be a contradictory statement)
I support obama and our Troops
jumbo shrimp
virus free windows pc
by everywheretome September 29, 2009
An extremely stupid bovine.

Used to amplify the effect of calling one a cow, or a moron.
You retarded oxymoron!
by NorthEastWestSouth October 10, 2007

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