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"Oxford Debate" box. A Briefcase, box, or catalog case that holds evidence, papers, briefs for participants in high school or college level policy debate.
We've got ten binders of evidence in our ox box.
by Ceanothus March 23, 2004
The original Xbox, slang. Pronounced Ox-Box.
Now that my 360 is back from Microsoft repair, I can put my Oxbox back in the closet.
by CoderKev June 08, 2007
1. used to describe a person, location or thing that is awkward

2. awkward

comes from awks, an abbreviation for awkward. can also be spelled awks box or awks bawks
bro: "I dont like to go there. that place is such an ox box."

hick: "that family reunion was so ox box. especially running into all my ex's."
by hekkaberry finna March 26, 2011
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