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A way to say "this kicks ass/this rocks" using common internet slang
My pc owns, it's got a p4 processor in it
by Brian October 11, 2003
Noun: To be completely better than something in every way
"Brandon Owns everything he has ever tried in his life."
by Chronny November 24, 2007
1) To possess an asset.
Slang: (owned) 1) One that has been worked, eliminated by someone more skilled.
Pete was owned in a paintball game by Bert due to greatly inferior ability.
by Rick VH May 27, 2003
to be especially better at something than another.
Martina owns all of you.
by Martina Giselle July 21, 2006
To say that something is the best or better than something else.
Nique: Those tacos were great.
Dee: Volcano's tacos are better.
Nique: What are you talking about? Douglas tacos own.
by Nique March 27, 2005
To have control over, ie. in cracking, to have gained root- or administrator-level access to one's computer, by (for instance) installing a trojan-horse program thereupon, exploiting a security loophole in its operating system, or socially-engineering access to its password. (Often the domain of script-kiddies and malicious crackers, rather than "hackers" of the creative type.)
"I own your box."
"The computers at the school lab are now owned."
by Ilan March 14, 2005
v: Possessing a deed to one's ass
Hamburglar: "Come robble my knobble."

"That statement owns meh"
by Gohei February 26, 2004