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When you Swagger to much, you just may overswagulate!
John had his swagger on until he overswagulated and blew his cool.
by Eric GringoLoco May 22, 2010
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When you have so much swag you become overwhelmed by your own swag.
I hate it when I have my swag on all day then I overswagulate.
by Chadwick Wade November 17, 2010
when people, who in their regular lives stride with swag, congregate to form a crew thereby breaking the limit of swag allowed for a group
A few lames flipping through FB albums:

"Wow, look at the group of Prep kids making thier* own fun on a boring college campus. " Lame D

"I wish we were like them" Lame E

"Nah, we could never top that. Our combined swag just doesn't compare" Lame D

"Sigh. We have swag; but they OVERSWAGULATE!" Lame E
by CinnamonChamp+Groupie March 28, 2011
When a person has their "swagg" on to long and start to fatigue and lose the sw- in swagg
Mike, did you see xasaviouscarmelo, overswagulate dude i swear he was walking like .02 mph
by swagman02 December 06, 2010

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