Top Definition
when u overdo laughing out loud (lol)

or when u type 100 too many haha's
conchita:heavy breathing
conchita: u were just overloling
#haha #keke #tehe #hehe #laughing #overdo
by Seannald99 February 05, 2008
when you overuse the term lol or "laugh out loud" usually whn ur chatting with someone and they keep using lol they are saying they dont wana talk to you anymore and that the conversation is gettin boring.
Disco101-"I hate that about school"
Disco101-"Ok Ill let you go now"
Disco101-"that was your fifth lol. You're overloling which is hinting you are bored with this conversation"
#haha #lol #laugh #overused #hehe
by Nicolecanread May 18, 2010
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