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a guy who is always salty or negative.The people he cares about are the ones he treats the worst cause he doesnt know how to show emotion and gets aggravated.Be careful the salt is contagious.
That question was so mean the salt master definitely wrote that on my formspring
by Nicolecanread June 06, 2010
a conversation where what you re saying really means the opposite or you're really just not being serious the whole time and then usually goes back to a normal conversation
"I hate you"
"good you make me sick anyway now get out of my face."
"so are we getting together on monday for the game still?"
"yeah I think so"

The fake conversation is the first part where the first person just said I hate you to start talking to the other person and get their attention.
by Nicolecanread May 16, 2010
when you overuse the term lol or "laugh out loud" usually whn ur chatting with someone and they keep using lol they are saying they dont wana talk to you anymore and that the conversation is gettin boring.
Disco101-"I hate that about school"
Disco101-"Ok Ill let you go now"
Disco101-"that was your fifth lol. You're overloling which is hinting you are bored with this conversation"
by Nicolecanread May 18, 2010
A goodlooking guy who can get away with acts of mischief.
Danny Blaze walks into the store alarm goes off "oh really I didnt even steal anything yet"*cute smile* oh danny your such a thugmuffin
by Nicolecanread May 17, 2010

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