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n. "Rebellious" or "underground" music, clothing or other such items made fashionable and sold to the gullible out of pure profit motive.
All that Hot Topic crap is just over-the-counterculture.
by Mister Twist August 07, 2010
Noun refering to the mass of baby-boomers who, although not embracing the lifestyle of the previous counterculture (who took drugs in the 60's & 70's) suffer from symptoms that allow them to rationalize taking drugs in their 60's & 70's.
Daughter: "Hey, did you see how zonked Grandma was at the cookout? She was popping pain killers like M&Ms!"
Son-in-Law: "Yeah, she's a real card-carrying member of the Over-the-Counterculture - even though it's an AARP Discount Card!"
by Mark Gustavson June 18, 2008