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southern lingo for "over there"
Elderly couple in Alabama:

Wife: "Where'd ya put my glasses?"
Husband: "They're over yonder on the dresser"
by apeforeal08 April 22, 2009
the pursuit of young adolescent girls ages ranging 13-17.
Lookie over yonder thurr...that some smooooooth soft skin
by Yonderman #3 May 05, 2008
adj. to say "over there" were theres hot girls, usually under 15 years old.
noun. A person who is able to acheive young girls or young girls themselves.
"Freshman P.E. class just got out! OVER YONDER"

"Dude, shes sooo OVER YONDER"
by James Whiteman Yonderman May 05, 2008