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A game that was designed by a team of psychologists and pediatricians for children who suffer from mental retardation to keep them amused and occupied so they don't become bored and physically hurt themselves doing other activities.
"Honey, do you think our retards will be safe to leave home alone all by themselves tonight?"

"Oh don't worry honey, they're upstairs playing Outwar, their tard obsessive compulsiveness will keep them at it all night long."
by Frodo January 09, 2004
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A form of internet game (term used loosely) where players form a clan or team by getting as many people as possible to click a link that leads to a page full of adverts, spyware, IP reading and lagging. The people with the most clicks to thier name get some manner of cheap receipt, such as an outwar t-shirt, or pittyful cash payment which must be collected in person from afghanistan (so no-one ever collects it). To actually be anywhere close to realising the top spots, much money and time must be given to conning innocent n00bs to the site, which probably outweighs the cost of the return prize.
slut: hello there
UouOTWER PLAYA5: pls cum 2 mi syt!!11
slut: I'm not going to lag my connection up with that outwar crap. Find someone else to join your werewolf clan
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Outwar is an online MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. It originated as a money-making website for those involved, where it centered around advertisements which were forced upon people by the players who played the game. These players attempted to trick people into clicking their "secret link", which then led to a basic "j00 g0t wtfPWNT" screen with plenty of advertisements to make the site money. When this link was clicked, the owner of the link gained a small amount of "power", now called "experience". The game was never a malicious scam, and no spyware/malware/adware was ever involved. Those who claim so are ignorant or uninformed, and probably actually got the spyware and such from other websites which they won't speak about.

The Outwar world of today is much different. The link part of the game no longer grows you stronger. Instead, it gives your character a small buff... so small it's not even worth it. On top of that, the link is no longer spammed by any of the legitimate players. They have untold ways of getting this buff on not only themselves, but all of their friends, without getting anyone but themselves to click the link.

Outwar now is more like an MMORPG than it ever has been before. Grinding (see definition 15 for grinding) is the main way of leveling your character now. You must walk around the town area and attack mobs or do quests for experience and items. You can also gain items by being in a "crew", or clan of sorts... however you can never know for sure what you must do for that crew, or if they will even give you items for your work. Many crews will award items due to hard work and time spent for them, while others only try to better themselves and their close friends.

Outwar has a very long and scarred history, and I hope this true definition will help to set the naive internet population straight.
Outwarplayer123: sup everyone? anyone else play outwar?

NaiveInternetNerd: omg lulz outwar i remember that nub game

Outwarplayer123: actually its a lot different than it used to be...

NaiveInternetNerd: orly? roflmao no i wont click ur link nub

Outwarplayer123: uh, actually i'm good man... just asking if anyone else played

NaiveInternetNerd: ya right! haha! what a nub bet u got like 1000000 spyware hahahahalololol!!!11!!1oneone

Outwarplayer123: no not really

NaiveInternetNerd: haha thats what u think last time i clicked one of those links i got all kinds of spyware

Outwarplayer123: oh that sucks

Outwarplayer123: hey do you watch pr0n?

NaiveInternetNerd: yah y?
by Alandariel December 03, 2007
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A game, if you could call it that, where you attempt gain as much power as possible and get powerful items. Like every other game on the face of the earth. You do this by getting people to A. Click your link, B. Pay the same ammount a month as it would take to pay for a real MMORPG and get 500 clicks a day, which is really miniscule in ammount, or get items that give you automatic clicks. This would seem alright, at first, but it becomes corrupt. To obtain these clicks, you need to A. Spam, B. Pay money, C. gather in some huge crew and sit there waiting for items for days on end and not actually get anything unless you spend your entire life sucking up to the leaders, or D. spend your entire life clicking around the loosely named explore section of the site, wasting attacks on pitiful little enemies (once again, the term is used loosely). To make matters worse, the only way to get good at the game is to gather in these huge crews, and be either the leader or someone really dedicated and butt buddies with the leader, to get these high powered items, giving you an advantage over 99% of the game who will never get near that good because they have lives. And, the icing on top of the cake, Outwar is stuffed full of spyware, adware, and malware, so not only does it mess up your mind, but it messes your computer up at the same time. All I can say is, stay away, before you're drawn into the darkness.
I just spent several thousand dollars in real life maxing a character in a frequently hacked game! Oh, damn! the spyware that the game gave me took the account away, and some crew leader just stole all my legendary items! I'm so fucked up!
by The infamous Aero December 05, 2004
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A game that, while it used to be rather corrupt and spy-ware filled, is actually getting much better. The secret link is no longer part of the game, so it isn't spammed around anymore.
Person 1: Outwar SUXX0RS!
Person 2: Please shut up if you don't know the facts.
by Seki August 28, 2007
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A pathetic excuse for a game that basically involves children going into forums and chatrooms and gradually wearing down their "Ctrl" and "V" keys. Many also have an inability to correctly spell "Saddam" and "says", and misuse the word "would" where "should" is what they are looking for. They also seem to lack understanding of the fabled apostrophe, needed in "it's" when the meaning is "it is".
its a cool game, you just gotto be familiar with RPG games. so everyone who sais that its a 'STUPID' game would better shut up.

by Burton Earny April 10, 2004
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outwar is a secret govement exsperement to see if people will actualy bore themselfs to death by watching the numbers and pirate clip art flicker on screen, most players of outwar are called dean and live in a dark room with a pc never leaving there chair.

These outwar players or sub humanoids play internet games 24 hours a day to distract themselves from the fact they have no friends
"hahahah! im a 40000000000000ft monster and your only 39999999999999ft"
by Randy Slicker January 11, 2005
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