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The ostensibly obvious context containing an innuendo. Used chiefly when the innuendo is so heavy and blatant that it leaves the observer unsure of what the supposedly innocent context is meant to be.
I see the innuendo here, but what the hell is the outuendo supposed to be?
by wordsmitherist April 30, 2011
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the use of sexual language to insinuate something that has nothing to do with sex
Example of an outuendo: I made a lot of money this year so Uncle Sam is going to fuck me hard and deep.
by audiodawg April 14, 2010
1. Extension of out, you! a colloquial exclamation at hearing some really juicy gossip
2. Rumormongering that's even more insidious and outrageous than innuendo
"She's Dead, Thank goodness!"
"her death was innuendo, if not even outuendo!"
by Mason_is_the_bestest June 13, 2007
A outuendo is a innocent comment that causes someone to blurt out some dirty little secret like they're actually gay, or have some kind of weird fetish like rubbing mashed potatoes on their genitals
Person 1: (referring to a game) I was really hoping to collect some booty.
Person 2: Yeah, me too... that guy had a nice tight ass.
Person 1: ....
Person 1: dude... I totally triggered a outuendo earlier.
Person 3: Oh?
Person 1: Yeah... (Person2) totally admitted he's a ass pirate.
Person 3: No way!
by Naughtyvampgod August 14, 2009

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