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3 definitions by Mason_is_the_bestest

1. Undergoing a makeover process that became incredibly POPULAR after the demise of the Wicked Witch of the West.
2. Made to look pretty and perfect, sometimes at the expense of one's true feelings.
"You're Gorgeous!"
"Thank you, i've been galindafied!"
by Mason_is_the_bestest June 13, 2007
20 3
Equivocatory affirmation, falling between definite and not so definite; useful in empty promises made by sinister people.
"for you, there is a definish chance, if you work as you should, you'll be making good."
by Mason_is_the_bestest June 13, 2007
11 3
1. Extension of out, you! a colloquial exclamation at hearing some really juicy gossip
2. Rumormongering that's even more insidious and outrageous than innuendo
"She's Dead, Thank goodness!"
"her death was innuendo, if not even outuendo!"
by Mason_is_the_bestest June 13, 2007
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