Minder's OutCasts. An Australian clan of gamers who play battlefield Vietnam, Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2142 and Battlefield 1942. A split off of the clan -=AXL=- (Australian eXtreme Legion), who were themselves a split off of Australian Strike Eagles. Currently headed by BigPooch, MOC is a friendly social clan with a reputation for fair play and teamwork.
Look at those OutCasts go!
by Silent_Wolf August 30, 2007
Simply a person who does not fit into any social hierachy, be it school, work, sports, etc.
"He's not as cool or as good looking as us. And he thinks he's making a point by treating us like we are invisible. What an outcast."
--Sample outward impression.
by bigtones June 05, 2006
A person who does not fit in any crowd and simply hangs out with itself.
Jodie, the outcast was spitted on by the preppy click.
by TY January 12, 2004
the greatest writer in wales
The outcast is so amazing dude
by Buddamus September 05, 2003
Someone who is constantly made-fun of at school for neumorus reasons.
Because she was an outcast, young Crystal felt she could take the teasing no longer and decided to kill herself.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
common missspelling of the rap group "outkast"
A: i got a outcast cd
B: its outkast you dyke
by jewsus April 19, 2005
Someone who is driven crazy by rejection and anger, kills the ones who had laughed at him, and than joins them.
I am the outcast.

"You laugh because I'm different.
I laugh because you're all the same."
by Zach G. November 23, 2003

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