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bellarinas or bellarinos are bella thorne's fans. they think they're a big deal, don't respect people's opinions. They are always like OMB OMFB .. they're copycats. they copy zswaggers: creepella got right after CreepDayuh. tweetella got right after TweetDayuh. ZSWAG and ZSWAGGY were before BSWAG and BSWAGGY,
hey, we're bellarinas and we disrespect everyone's opinion.
by daya February 19, 2013
a person who ridicules everyone around them often dressing in black clothing and repeating the phrase under their breath "god damn mother fuckers"
person 1: Yo, that dude over there is an outcast
Person 2: i know he never talk to nobody
outcast is reading a book under a tree in the middle of the park and dressed in black

outcast: god damn mother fuckers
by Daya December 04, 2003

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