1.when somebody does or says something that aint cool or just straight up out of line and disrespectful

2.When somebody looks like a hot mess,they hair is jacked up, or wears something they dont need to be wearin
1. girl 1: Erika lied to him about me cuz she was hatin
girl 2: yeah, she way out of out of pocket for that

2. girl 1: Her weave is a mess, you can see the track
girl 2: Thats out of pocket
by dejaney April 15, 2008
To be in transit or otherwise not able to be contacted
*Phone Rings
Person 1: "Hello?"
Person 2: "May I speek to Tom?"
Person 1: "Sorry he is out of pocket."
by FirePhreak June 19, 2006
A ho who ain't got no folks. A prostitute who pockets her own money i.e. doesn't have a pimp.
I ma smack you up bitch. You's an out of pocket ho.
by SD Iceman June 15, 2004
Out of control; going wild
She slapped me so I had to get of of pocket on her ass.
by Bamari March 28, 2003
Cagey, avoiding contact for no good reason. On the Dodge.
I'll be out of pocket tonight, give me a call.
by Dave Mahoney April 12, 2005
The loss of loyalty, for whatever reason, to your drug organization and/or gang.
There go a life that had to be snatched. That nigga was "out of pocket."
by Sleepy Quick January 06, 2005
When a ho who pays a pimp looks at another pimp or otherwise conversates with him.
That biatch was out of pocket so I broke her grill.
by DaSnoopinatorFoSho March 22, 2003

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