To leave your designated area or be out of range.
Can you cover for me? I'm gonna be out of pocket for a whle.
by Tizzat January 28, 2004
unavailable, unreachable
I'm going out of town next week so i will be out of pocket and will call you upon my return.
by jazzis4u August 31, 2011
English, meaning to not have much/any money
Can't go out this week, buying that car's left me a bit out of pocket
by Muddy Fox June 19, 2006
a term used by people with a bad knee to indicate when they will not be available.
Anyone want to do dinner thursday night or sometime next week? I am out of pocket this weekend.
by jewymcjew November 02, 2011
When your 20-something year old hooker is in town and you won't be going into work for the day because you'll be busy banging her, put on the calendar that you're "out of pocket" so that way no one at your work will really know what you're doing. This works best if you're a 40+ year old perverted and fugly old man that looks like a penguin.
I will be out of pocket for the rest of the afternoon.
by ap12345 December 01, 2009
Making your way with just what you have on you - out of what's in your pocket. Being without one's usually available resources.
It's always used ambiguously - which is why everyone's forgotten what it means. "I'm out of pocket" or "He's out of pocket for awhile".
by ninedots December 03, 2004
A ho who ain't got no folks. A prostitute who pockets her own money i.e. doesn't have a pimp.
I ma smack you up bitch. You's an out of pocket ho.
by SD Iceman June 15, 2004

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