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Paid from personal funds. Somehow over the past half year or so, "out of pocket" has become a new business catchphrase meaning "unreachable, out of communication", which is incorrect.
My doctor's office refuses to bill insurance companies any more, so I was out of pocket for the entire payment until I did all of the paperwork myself for reimbursement
by smackalicious March 01, 2008
to be out of control; way off base. usually deserving of a good slapping or a full-blown ass- kicking.
"Tamika had 7 shots of hennessy last night and tried to get on my man. She was way out of pocket so i smacked the belligierant ho"
by Etiwanda May 30, 2005
Out-of-pocket is a pimp term. If the ho (whore) is out of pocket that means she is out of line. It could be talking back, not making enough dough (money), scheming behind her pimp's back, or any other non-compliant things. This term can be used for other out of line people that may or may not be worthy enough to be called a ho.
"This out-of-pocket bitch came up short so I had to put a foot up her ho ass."
by Dj O-money November 19, 2010
To front money you don't expect to get back, refunded, or applied to future expenses (as in pulling cash out of your pocket).
I wanted to get that fish-food service, but I had to come up with $45 out-of-pocket.
by Anonymus Bosch June 20, 2006
Out of Pocket is a colloquialism used in the Southern Region of the United States. It is favored by grandparents and great-grandparents. It means to be unreachable in a communication sense. Very common in the days before cell phones.
I'm going into town so I'll be out of pocket until I get back.

Johnny's been out of pocket for a few days. He's in the woods hunting.
by wordfey June 13, 2016
A term that should never be used. It is used 99% of the time by D.C. Bureaucrats. Not just any bureaucrat, but sycophant whore climbers. Mostly used by no talent grade 14's in Headquarters with polished shoes who are clamoring to move up.
D.C. Bureaucrat- "Hey Steve, I'm going to be out of pocket for the next 20 minutes."

Non Climbing Bureaucrat- "Great, enjoy your dump, remember to wipe yourself."
by dcsurfer October 08, 2010
'out of place; out of order', describes unacceptable behavior or situations. This meaning has its roots in Black English of the 1940s, and refers to the pockets on a pool table.
"Any outsider who would attempt to engage in that conversation would be out of pocket."
by elberama October 26, 2011
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