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Dead faggot
Did you hear about the dead faggot that died? Yea it was Osama Bin laden, navy seals lit his ass up.
by dover300wall May 02, 2011
5 5
Current and continual status: dead.

See previous definitions form information however this is all you really need to know.
Osama Bin Laden, two decades. however his strategic mentor and a certain leader in Yemen; a former US citizen is still remains at large.
by eating a packet of walkers May 02, 2011
3 3
After all these years of searching, Osama bin Laden's crimes caught up to him.
by ducttapemaster May 01, 2011
4 4
An Islamic fundamentalist that is most famous for supposedly orchestrating the September 11th attacks. Officially announced dead 5/1/2011.
-"Yea Osama Bin Laden was a sick fuck, but I don't think he knocked down the towers."
-"Yea me neither, at least he's rotting in hell."
by Nonuniqueness May 01, 2011
3 3
A powerful dark wizard who kept all of Middle Earth in winter for a hundred years. With no Christmas!
Osama Bin Laden is a jerk.
by CaPtAiAn FaLcOn 33 May 01, 2011
1 1
A terrorist. America cheered when he died today. But, hes a terrorist.
Osama Bin Laden died on May, 1, 2011.
by OsamaHater111 May 01, 2011
4 4
some shitty bazonga who started 9/11 and is now being raped by sea animals in the ocean including whales, turtles, and even starfish.

He is also a hide and seek champion even beating Waldo since 2001.

He is also called Waldo's evil bro.
in 2011 we shot that son of a bitch (Osama Bin Laden) in the head.
by SCREW ROBBERS May 26, 2012
1 2