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Orgasmatics (Or-Gaz-matics) the physical accounting method used to quantify the process in which having orgams increases the rate and intensity of future orgasms within the female.
Orgasmatics: the new math. "Having sex with Eddie is orgasmatic; the more orgasms he gives me, the more I want"
by Eddie and VaNayNay June 21, 2008
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wonderful, exceptional, fantastic, orgasmic. First used in Ashland Oregon by eccentric local (now moved to Lake Oswego) Wade McCulloch while drinking a guiness stout at the local brew pub, he yelled "this is frickin Orgasmatic" at the top of his lungs. Now the term has spread Internationaly.
This Apple pie tastes "orgasmatic"
by Barbara Johnson February 01, 2007
the act of something relating to having an orgasm or the feeling of having one related to everyday daily life.
That ice cream was so good it was orgasmatic.
by Georgios Katsikis March 12, 2005

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