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awesome bassist and incredible writer of the pop punk/emo band fall out boy
"Tonight the headphones will deliver you the words that I can't say." "Wear me like a locket around your throat. I'll weigh you down, I'll watch you choke. You look so good in blue." "I've seen sinking ships go down with more grace than you."
by kerri April 23, 2005
A way of touching someone causing immediate pleasure and delight that is acceptable in public and in front of family
Mike enjoys ticking Kerri because he can do it anywhere and she laughs and screams.

Kerri likes to tickle Mike and to be tickled when there is family is around because it is an 'ok' way of being all over eachother.
by Kerri December 10, 2004
a pretty awesome band
by kerri April 23, 2005
Slang term for any uncut drug, i.e. cocaine and heroin
"in my trunk is raw
In my rear view mirror is the mother fuckin law"---------Jay Z 99 Problems
by Kerri July 29, 2004
dirty, unclean.
you haven't showered for days, you're manky.
by kerri February 19, 2003
1.ASS who STEALS money from CHILDREN.
2.Fat Bastard
3.Cheese-doodle-loving, pastery-eating, money-stealing fat ass.
"Lou Pearlman stole everything he has from everyone that worked with him."
by Kerri September 06, 2003
to give an orgasm to someone.
"orgasmatize me captain!"
by kerri October 17, 2004
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