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the fucktard's way of spelling orgasm. whoever started this definition is an imbecile.
What example? this word doesnt exist
by Mary Mariegh June 13, 2003
a nice hard fucking, puts you in an orgasmic state of mind
she got an orgasim when butt-fucked
by garcia February 11, 2003
when you get sexual excitement!!

(its kind of like cum, only in a girl)
she got an orgasim when her boyfriend fingered her.
by annonymous November 01, 2002
orgasm you assholes. when a guy or girl cums.
whoever wrote that an orgasm is like cumming but for a girl is a fucking retard/virgin/doesnt deserve to live
by michael! February 09, 2004
a cool feeling.....
i fucked the hellout that monkey then got an orgasim n stuff
by ifuku4a1$ April 30, 2003
when u get horney
i got an orgasim when i finger bangged my self last night
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
something matt blevins will never do to another human(maybe a dog, but not a human)
matt blevins is gay
by dey dey March 18, 2003
A faked orgasm
Last night, I just wasn't into it and Jack was making me sore so I finally just gave up and orgasimed to get it over with.
by inebriate of air June 14, 2003