An Oreo (Black on the outside, White on the inside) is a Black person who intentionally and sometimes unintentionally (raised around a lot of Whites with no Black connection) takes up the societal norms/custom and values of the White American population and disregards with intent/non-intent Black societal norms, customs or values.

Using Standard American English, not wearing the latest garbs from popular hip-hop/street clothing lines/artists is not an indication of this, however you will have some Blacks that are intimidated and/or insecure about who they are as Black people and will incorrectly use this term as a defense mechanism because they are intimidated.

When you show that your "deviation" so to speak isn't real deviation and that you can still connect and relate to the experiences that Blacks face and can understand the use of common wording or phraseology used in many Black communities, regardless of acculturation, without criticism you will not be considered an Oreo.

Learn to code-switch (Ebonics is our native tongue so to speak) or just be down to earth and relatable and proud of being Black and you won't be considered an Oreo.

Black people, stop calling other Blacks Oreos because you're intimidated. Many of them are not true Oreos. Many just don't know who they are and don't know their history.
Real Oreos do exist. They are called sell-outs, these are folks who will disregard any and every cultural element of Black culture and cling to the norms/values and beliefs common in White communities & about Blacks; they will do all they can to remove themselves from being associated with Black people and will openly criticize and side with any and every negative idea about Blacks and will renounce any ties to Black cultural elements and especially those that are humiliated/degraded in mainstream America and they will ONLY date, marry and socialize with people of a different race than them; they will not attend Black events, support Black causes etc...

Tracee Ellis Ross is a great example of someone who is not from the hood, but is NOT an Oreo; she speaks what's considered "proper" english and is proud of her Black ancestry. Rhonda Ross too, speaks "proper" but is proud to be Black, likes nice things etc, not an oreo.

Diana Ross is a great example of someone from the hood, who speaks "proper" english, but I've heard her use some phraseology and words specific to the Black community; it's embedded. She's a great example of someone who keeps it real, is proud to be Black, likes nice clothing/homes etc... but isn't detached from who she is and where she's come from.

Smokey Robinson
Lenny Kravitz
MJ, yep believe it or not, he was proud

Brian J. White & Tiger Woods

I hope this explained what a true Oreo looks like and what it truly is.
by APBW January 25, 2013
Top Definition
what black kids at my school are called if they aren't intolerant and disrespectful trolls who hold up the hallway everyday in between class pushing pot and cutting the entire lunch line.
my friend dyson from geometry is called an oreo because he doesn't sell, talks to white people, respects other people and thinks about his future.
by Josh January 16, 2006
A good cookie; made up of two chocolate cookies with vinilla filling, and sometimes peanutbutter and can come in double stuffed and halloween variaties
You fatass, you ate the whole bag of oreoes
by Oreoeater November 26, 2005
Term for African Americans that the black community is generally offended with for betraying their roots usually for dating caucasion girls, dressing too white, talking too white, etc. The term is branded OREO since they are "Black on the outside, White on the inside"
"Damn Marcus, have you seen Deon lately? The brother is a total Oreo, he's all drivin' a BMW with his white biatch. The brotha forgot where he came from!"
by Shasta December 18, 2003
A insulting termed often used by blacks to derogate other blacks as "Black on the outside, white on the inside." White on the inside meaning anything from speaking proper english, getting good grades, liking music that isn't hip hop, rap or R&B and having a diverse group of friends.
"That girl is such an oreo. I can't believe she is listening to Metallica.
by Monique H December 14, 2005
1)A stereotype created by blacks to be used for other blacks who are "black on the outside, white on the inside". Black being their skin color, and white meaning to display characteristics of a "white" person, therefore "betraying their black roots".

These characteristics being (but not limited to), raised in an environment that's NOT the projects, speaking proper english/very limited use of slang, having an eclectic taste in music, having a diverse group of friends, being well-educated, being legitimately employed, not abusing the welfare system, being well-mannered and civilized, saves money for college instead of bling and cheap grills, and wearing nice clothes that are not Roca Wear, Sean Jean, Baby Phat and so on.

Most blacks confuse the "oreo" stereotype to being "bourgie", which is a very rude, stuck-up black, who thinks they are more "high-class" than they really are.

This stereotype is stupid, and apparently stems from the fear most nigg3rs have of success. Blacks believe that unless you are a talentless rapper, a professional athlete, or "gangsta", it is impossible to be successful without being an "oreo".

2) A painful word of irony that causes Spike Lee anguish, and historical black figures to turn over in their graves.

(PS) I'm black.
1) a: "I'm black. Even though I live in the projects, I maintain an A average, and speak properly. I have a few white friends, I don't really like watermelon or acting like an animal, and I prefer Gwen Stefani over Crime Mob. Apparently, this makes me an 'oreo' among my people."

b: The Characters Tom & Jazmine DuBois from the show "The Boondocks."

2) Our leaders suffered such great trials so we could get ahead in life. But even hundreds of years later, with the NAACP, the United Negro College Fund, the equal-opportunity employment act, and the affirmative action policy available to us, we still haven't made any progress. Successful black people are called "oreos".
by AUTOPSY February 14, 2008
A Black African American person who, because he/she has the desire to make a success of their life, has gained the wrath of foolish Black African Americans who have decided to make a shambles of their own. Often OREO's are educated, intelligent, and the respect of the business community. Thus, in the eyes of the dominant Black African American community, they are "guilty" of being "White" on the inside.
Leroy: Damn, Rastus. That nigga Raymond has hisself a BMW, a fine home and an upper management career with a Fortune 500 company... let's pop a cap in that muthafuckin' oreo and steal his car!

Rastus: Uh... what does Fortune 500 mean?
by fuckup, screwed, fucked, gawd, shit September 06, 2006
A racist slur and schoolyard name based on racist stereotypes wrongly assuming that intelligence, articulateness, dapperness, and manners are traits of whites and not blacks. Therefore, a black who possesses these traits is an oreo, white on the inside and black on the outside. A corollary slur is banana, yellow (Asian) on the outside and white on the inside.
That black guy is smart, successful, well-mannered, and speaks standard English. He is an oreo.
by MarkWashington January 13, 2007

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