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Term for African Americans that the black community is generally offended with for betraying their roots usually for dating caucasion girls, dressing too white, talking too white, etc. The term is branded OREO since they are "Black on the outside, White on the inside"
"Damn Marcus, have you seen Deon lately? The brother is a total Oreo, he's all drivin' a BMW with his white biatch. The brotha forgot where he came from!"
by Shasta December 18, 2003
a Town where the cops WILL PULL YOU OVER FOR EVERYTHING!!!
The town is run by a bunch of mormons which means they LOCK everything down the way they want it. I live out near disco and I always try to avoid the B town at ALL costs!
Dont go to brentwood unless you want to get pulled over.
by Shasta March 11, 2005
a chick who is very cute, Hot babe, Milf. Whatever just as long as they are cute.
Damn yo that flossie wants to give me domerz.
by Shasta May 17, 2006
word describing a large obese person.
Hello there, I notice that you are largese!
by Shasta November 12, 2003
The singular form of Origami.
Many is origami. One on its own is an origamus
by Shasta December 16, 2003
A little town way up in the hills that has only about 100-200 people living there, its a Ski resort that is very nice.
You going up to the wood? Better bring some extra clothes.
by Shasta March 11, 2005
To butt heads gently, generally with a young toddler
"Jedi, do kadunk!" and the toddler knows to gently bump heads with you.
by Shasta December 18, 2003

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