A black section of Memphis, TN that is super-dangerous. Bred Memphis rap duo 8Ball and MJG. The place where u are guaranteed to see shooting, carjacking and gang violence.
Straight from the underground, fat boy from the Mound.
by Bay Area Don't Play August 08, 2004
Top Definition
Contrary to popular belief, Orange Mound is a particularly old neighborhood in Memphis that is almost completely black but no one moves there. High school in the area is Melrose. With all of the old people in Orange Mound, it is expected to become more and more barren within the next 20 years.
Melrose, a Tennessee high school football powerhouse, resides in Orange Mound.
by spartan117 February 02, 2005
Orange Mound was the FIRST African American neighborhood to be built by African Americans and at one time the Largest African American community outside of Harlem NY. It was home to the blues and it's many influential musicians.
BB King, Bobby Blue Bland at on time, all lived or performed in Orange Mound.
by Black Gone-D August 25, 2006
the most super place EVER !
JIMMY -hey tommy !? wanna go get crunk in orange mound !?

TIMMY- Sure Jimmy, but let me get my bitches round up first. AND DON'T FORGET THE JUNGLE JUICE !
by treyp16 March 06, 2007
Rob's hangout in Memphis, TN.
yo nigga, we gonna go chill at the orange mound tonight??
by sweet October 27, 2003
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