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a type of weed with the little red hairs, its not putting orange peel in your pot.
Is it the one with the little red hairs and the fresh greenery?
by Dubs February 17, 2004
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The most kickass orange soda on the planet! It's kinda hard to find, but once you taste it you'll never drink any other orange soda. It has a little vanilla in it, I think, so it almost tastes like one of those orange popsicles with the ice cream in the middle.
Person 1: You want an orange soda?
Person 2: What kind?
Person 1: Sunkist.
Person 2: You still drink that crap? Haven't you ever had Orange Crush?
Agent Orange, the defoliant used in the Vietnam War.
"I’ve got my spine, I’ve got my orange crush" -- lyric from R.E.M. song, Orange Crush
by Steve Benne February 20, 2004
The single greatest beverage known to mankind. Way better than C'plus.
Guy#1:Would you like some C'plus?
Guy#2:Bitch please! That shit tastes like vitamins. I'll stick with my amazing Orange Crush. *mushroom slaps Guy#1 in the face*
by Chiefmixalot727 January 21, 2007
In Califonia where the 5, 22 and 57 freeways meet, notorious for traffic congestion.
I'll be a little late...there's a sig alert at the orange crush.
by Lisa from OC not THE OC June 26, 2005
When an orange surprise goes horribly, horribly, wrong, and an orangutan bites ones penis.
"Did u here that john died last week?" "How come" "he bled out after he received an orange crush" "poor bastard".
by juan cabo121 March 28, 2010
When there are three people in the back seat of a car, the two by the windows will shout, "Orange Crush", and then crush the person in the middle. Kind of like playing Jello, only you're both sandwiching the guy in the middle.
Planned out ahead of time
Window Guy 1: Hey what's your favorite soda?
Middle Guy: I like Sierra Mist.
Window Guy 2: I like Orange CRUSH!
The middle guy gets crushed
by Schlangadang August 21, 2006

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