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In the beginning there was nothing, which exploded.
Curious child: "How was the universe created?"
Guy who thinks he knows everything: "The universe was created in the Big Bang, where there was a huge explosion, and all the matter was spread everywhere."
Child: "What exploded?"
Guy: "The universe."
Child: "But then the universe existed, it was just small."
Guy: "Yes."
Child: "Then how was the universe created?"
by Schlangadang October 27, 2006
When there are three people in the back seat of a car, the two by the windows will shout, "Orange Crush", and then crush the person in the middle. Kind of like playing Jello, only you're both sandwiching the guy in the middle.
Planned out ahead of time
Window Guy 1: Hey what's your favorite soda?
Middle Guy: I like Sierra Mist.
Window Guy 2: I like Orange CRUSH!
The middle guy gets crushed
by Schlangadang August 21, 2006
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