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C cup bra size
Hey Mikey look, oranges 3 o'clock
by Bigdickylewis November 02, 2003
the gay from irc.starfleet.net
<@Orange> i'm the gayest of all
by Anonymous October 18, 2003
a colloquial term used by people in referance to lesbians. this term was formed when one lesson, the film ' oranges aren't the only fruit was shown in english.
"hahaha! oranges."
"i wouldnt mind an orange..."
by mmmm, smeat. July 18, 2003
one hot bitch from g.com
man oranges u is FINE
by Timoomoothy January 07, 2005
A type of smoking paper, offered by the Zig Zag company. Usually found as a wide width paper, used for rolling huge joints or splifs.
" Dude, can you go to the store and get me a pack of Oranges? These Whites are too small!"
by Jagged Joe October 24, 2006
1. Delicious fruit rich in Vitamin C.
2. C-cup boobs
3. Can be shouted to someone's face or nobody in particular. Usually at a very high volume. No reason behind such a gesture.
1. Wow! This delicious fruit is tasty AND rich in vitamin C!
2. d000d...check out them oranges.
3. (1) Hey man, sup.
(2) *pause*
(1) Dude, you ok?
(2) ORANGES!!!
by NilliX August 12, 2006
To be oranges is to be cool, chill, etc.
"Danielle is way oranges!"
by Aubri June 30, 2006