1. Delicious fruit rich in Vitamin C.
2. C-cup boobs
3. Can be shouted to someone's face or nobody in particular. Usually at a very high volume. No reason behind such a gesture.
1. Wow! This delicious fruit is tasty AND rich in vitamin C!
2. d000d...check out them oranges.
3. (1) Hey man, sup.
(2) *pause*
(1) Dude, you ok?
(2) ORANGES!!!
by NilliX August 12, 2006
To be oranges is to be cool, chill, etc.
"Danielle is way oranges!"
by Aubri June 30, 2006
sexual intercourse between a Nicole and a Garrett with the use of an ORANGE condom
Nicole and Garrett made sweet sweet Orange down by the fire!
by penelope July 16, 2004
To describe a person that every girl wants to get with but are afraid to say anything for fear of reprisals from the other girls. All instances of an orange being in the room end in a very hot catfight.
Girl 1: Hey did you just dance with that orange?
Girl 2: Yeah, so?
Girl 1: You bitch!
by Orange Box April 28, 2009
To describe someone who is the opposite of life itself. When someone is so annoying but you can't swear in school.
Stop being such an orange!
by Damitch June 22, 2016
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