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originated in Ringgold High School in Pennsylvania; used in reference to someone or some act is weird, out-of-sorts, awkward, dorky, fucked up, stupid, etc.
"Man, you look oppy as hell trying to dance."
by Lucky85 April 28, 2007
(noun) in referring to the stock market - a slang word used to name the listed 'options' of a stock. The fully paid shares are known as the 'heads'
Mr X: Thanks for the inside information Dave, so you reckon I should by 100,000 shares by the end of this week?

Dave: Nah mate, go the oppies, they give you a shitload more leverage.
by TeamHC_AU June 15, 2009
1) very weird, very strange 2) incongruous
Dean is acting oppy today.
There's something oppy about that color on your wall, paint it another color.
by Schoof19 April 05, 2006
a steamy jewish kid who has an uncontrollable tendancy to break wind. hooked up with a dinosaur (the rare steegasaur) that has a nose the size of a protractor. he enjoys golf, using the SHAFT to conquer the 19th hole

i saw all these oppy's today at the joeseph gutnic jewish society with their golf clubs walking their pet dinosaurs
by steegs June 17, 2008
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