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A distortion of an exclamation presumably made by large women of color when they think, most commonly preceding an order of food. Can also be used to simply declare one's presence, common in a chat room, but could be applied in real life situations. i.e., "Oox!"

Over time, oox has spawned variations such as "Ooxst", and has been likened to be a verb (Ooxsted), noun, adjective (Ooxy) and so on.

1. Oox: "Oox! I cofunna try the shucken, off the grease!"
2. Oox(n): We had turkey, crabcakes, and all them ooxes.
3. Oox(v): Me n' Steve ooxsted when he came to Fort Worth last week
4. Oox(adj): That trip to NY was a pretty ooxy time!
by LobsEy October 29, 2006
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