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little people who work in charlie and the chocolate factory
a.k.a Aaron
"we will now call Aaron oompaloompa"
by AbbieAnnK August 11, 2005
24 6

1) Small (short) orange person, generally found singing and/or working in a chocolate factory for a seemingly crazy/crazy man. Coming from Loompa Land.
Snookie from the Jersey Shore is often referred to as an Oompa Loompa.
by Happehdances! September 24, 2010
31 17
Orange people from willy wonka. They love the the coco bean, and make nice songs.
Oompa loompa doopitydoo...
by Blake Marie April 23, 2007
61 48
A person with orange colored skin from over use of fake tanning products, based on characters in the Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie.
Donald Trump's fake orange tanned skin makes him look like an oompa loompa. Although his 'hair' isn't green like an oompa loompa's, its' horrifying artificiality more than compensates.
by scobar2011 April 15, 2011
21 13
Pearls Before Swine term for your balls.
"If you'll excuse me, I need to kick my Business Development Manager in the oompa loompas." -Rat
by Time 4 Sum Aksion April 20, 2009
11 3
A girl wearing a ridiculous amount of fake tan so much in fact that instead of looking tanned or sunkissed she looks orange, taken from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.
Oh my God know it's the Comm ball and all but there was no need to come as an oompa-loompas
by Bitter Bitch April 11, 2006
14 6
A person that is extremely tan, to the point where they appear to be orange.
Guy 1: dude, that girl is so tan!
Guy 2: that Oompa Loompa should get her ass back to the factory.
by Lacrosse101 September 22, 2012
10 5