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a shroom, or hallucinogenic mushroom
"I had the crazyest experience last night on oomies"
by Pilfer July 10, 2005
The Orc word for a Human. Alternative: Umie.
Zog off, yoo stinkin oomies!
by Mork's Chosen One March 23, 2005
a state of feeling 'not quite right' eg mildly queasy or unsettled.Classic examples of feeling oomy include hangover symptoms, mild morning or travel sickness, Oominess can also include a state of mind eg that 'sinking feeling' over an unresolved issue
I feel a bit oomie this morning - must have been something I ate last night.
#nauseous #sick #unsettled #queasy #upset #oomy
by GlossaryFairy January 03, 2015
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