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A term often used in the Midwest, particularly Minnesota, to exclaim surprise, amazement or wonder.
"Sven just ate 17 bratwursts and washed them down with a sixpack of Schlitz."

by Peter "Deacon" Bakke July 15, 2006
Showmanship required on your part to people you perceive to be your better than you in society. Originally used to describe a black man who sold out to a white man (yessum mister, whatever you say) before segregation laws were shown as UN-Constitutional.
Louis Armstrong was considered to be an ooftah by members of his race because many believed it was required to reach his stardom prior to segregation to being abolished.
by RuPoed October 28, 2013
word used to express the realization or understanding of a negative situation
upon seeing the pile of wood that had to be stacked, John said, "ooftah"

John: just found out my girl's pregnant

Steve: ooftah...
by ryedog November 17, 2005
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