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Something so outrageously disgusting and stupid, its been banned in some countries. (OK not really) You can use it as an insult, but only if the person REALLY REALLY deserves it.
Person #1- Man that guy was such an oofoo!
Person #2- Woh man, don't you think that's a little harsh??
by Mike and Nate March 24, 2005
A horrible child whose brother and his brothers friend constantly tease him about. They tend to be very strange.
Get out of my room you sick little oofoo
by Mike and Nate March 24, 2005
a ugly person
OOOOOOWEEEEE look at him.. he sooo damn sexy
Bish please that nigga oo-foo
#fugly #eww #wtf was you thinking #uglahh #through up
by YouKnow WhoMadeIt November 23, 2011
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