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See above. This method of construction is 'pig-latin' in nature, opposed to being uniquely coined by Family Guy. Ahem.
As above
by voiceinsideyou November 24, 2003
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Mood, as in "in the mood".

Coined in Family Guy Season 1 Episode 7 "Brian: Portrait of a Dog". It's a jumble of the word "mood" done in a similar manner to that of amscray.

mood -> ood + m + ay = oodmay.
scram -> am + scr + ay = amscray.
"... like when Lois is in the oodmay, and Brian won't amscray..."
"Gezzz, I'm in the oodmay, gimme some ovelay!"
by voiceinsideyou November 22, 2003
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