n. a phallus; a phallic object likely to be dropped, i.e. a penile substitute.
Paul Newman's grandfather came to America and dropped his oodle in 1905. He ceased all finagling of his wife thereafter.
by Benjamin Periwinkle Winter March 31, 2005
the term used to describe a large amount of babies
oh my god, that guy is cute! i want to have oodles of babies with him!
by brntpopcorn June 28, 2009
A really Hot and funny girl! Not to be used together with Oodles and noodles A girl who loves snow fall and BRANDO!
brando commando Watch out, OODLES rocks!
Man1: "That girl is damn OODLES man!"

Man2: "Yah, she fyne."
by BRANDO COMMANDOOO December 12, 2005
it came from the ignorant muthaf***az i am forced to share the same air with and it meanz a chik who sleeps around with everyone i.e. A HOE, A WHORE, A PAR-LAY CHIK, etc...
there some oodles in this house, there some oodles in this house, if u see em' point em' out, if u see em' point em' out...
by princessred2 May 13, 2004
1. a noodley soup thing thats really good
2. a puertorican boy that someone cough cough should spend more time wit
1. these chiken oodles is good as hell whered ya getem
2. oodles is sittin ova there waitin for ya
by stephanie November 29, 2004
A way cooler word for goodbye. Basically means "see you later" but is usually used on the run.
"I gotta run, oodles guys"
"That's my bus! Oodles!"
by AnnaKoz March 13, 2006
Emmas uniqe word, and adds to her sexyness!
Emma, Quote- Oodles, i want a go!
by Skullpop October 09, 2003

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