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An internet website:
It contains mainly funny videos, but it also hosts shocking videos, flash games and animations, and clean(ish) pictures.

It's home to 'Bubble', the messageboard of IG (Inflatable Goldfish), where the forum is only moderated for swear words, not people's opinions.

.: | :.

The website is pretty unique in the way that the atmosphere when browsing is so friendly, as the language used is 'chatty'.

Nicknames of areas and people are consistent throughout, as the community of people that are in it is called the 'Aquarium', and every visitor, no matter how small, is in it.

The 'Goldfish Squad' run the site, with the founder 'Skullpop' founding and mainly running the site.

Every year on the 7th of June there's a celebration because it's 'Goldfish Day'.
On the 7th of june 2004, 'www.InflatableGoldfish.com' was registered, and therefore it's the anniversary of the website.
Random updates occour on Goldfish Day annually, usually with a large amount of media added to the site.

A simple background change usually occurs for one day at certain times of the year, EG Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Guy Fawkes day, 4th july, where the background is simply changed for the day.

The Goldfish Squad are big on Halloween, because the colours of Halloween are orange and black, the same colour scheme of IG.

InflatableGoldfish.com is english.


Posted by Skullpop.
Hey! it's Goldfish Day at www.InflatableGoldfish.com!

Cool! Let's go check it out!
by Skullpop October 23, 2004
An online alias.
'Skullpop' is the webmaster of www.InflatableGoldfish.com.

He updates the website reguarly, and accepts submissions.
.: Last update: 23/12/2xxx by Skullpop :.
by Skullpop October 23, 2004
Emmas uniqe word, and adds to her sexyness!
Emma, Quote- Oodles, i want a go!
by Skullpop October 09, 2003
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