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Silent, smelly fart. (Indian language, Malayalam)
Dude, did you just ooch?!
by Malu365 May 15, 2012
6 3
the act of curling up in a bed, on a couch, on someones shoulder or another extremely comfortable place with the best, deliciously scented, softest blanket(s), and wiggling your way into the most amazing nook ever in time, one that you never want to leave.
the blankets were wrapped around me nice and tight, i was ooched in bed.

"OHHHH, im so ooched!!" what i sound like after a long day and night of running around

"do you want to come over and ooch? i have a fuzzy blanket"

so when are we ooching and watching the wire?
by reworbb November 21, 2013
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ooch pronounced:

"oo" "ch". Ooch is a codeword for marijuana/weed
Stoner 1: "Duuuude we need to get some 'ooch' and get our buzz on"
Stoner 2: "Yeah maaan I'm fiending for some of that green shit".
by ArabianCriminal January 10, 2012
5 5