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"Oo-er" is a term apparently started by the popular British series "The Confessions of Georgia Nicholson". In the books, the phrase is used whenever someone mentions something scandalous or neat. It can also be used whenever something suggestive has been said, intentionally or unintentionally.
Rosie: Actually, Sven and i have gotten to number 8 (upper-body fondling in bed).

Georgia: Oo-er!
by nobodytoospecial September 09, 2007
This is the easiest and most simple way to turn any normal sentence into a Sexual Innuendo
Steph: "Do you want to come and help me make some cakes?"

Greg: "Ooer"

Steph: "(blush) Errrmmmm No I didnt mean it like That!!!"
by SamwellRamswell April 14, 2009
exclamatory response to a perceived double entendre of a sexual nature.
susie: "I like it better with whipped creme on it..."

johnny: "oo-er!"
by blankety-blank July 08, 2005
Showing surprise. Normally towards something that has the potential to be risque.
A: "I met a girl last night."
B: "Ooers."
A: "There was none of that."
by polok February 11, 2005
golly gee
oh my god
1)OOER, did u see my new purse?
2)did u see my new purse, its an ooer!
by smarter November 14, 2003
A word to express one's interest in something. Normally used by girls when subtly stalking hotties on the street; or when they're shopping and find something exceptionally cute or sexy, such as clothing.
Example one.
Friend #1: "Check out that hottie across the street!"
Friend #2: "Ooer!"
Example two.
Friend #1: "Look at this adorable Guess wallet I just found!"
Friend #2: "Ooer, very sexy."
by Para-noir February 14, 2009
a word spoken after seeing something good usu. followed by staring or gazing at said thing. can also be said in disgust
Hottie walks by


by Annabell Ride April 19, 2008
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