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Used without any context by some Lecturers in Irish colleges. Generally an average 0.9 times a minute. Usually followed by a spate of "Into it","On top of it","Over It",
The next type of contract is a Bills of quantity contract onto it and into it we will put onto it some figures into it for the price of certain jobs onto it that are related to engineering works. On top of it and over it there are also many other types of engineering contracts into it.
#onto #it #in #into #ontop #of
by onto October 18, 2006
8 Words related to onto it
Smart, Clever. Thinking outside of the box, being resourceful and/or finding a solution to a problem.
"That was good thinking, I would have never thought of that- you are on to it"
#clever #smart #intelligent #inspired #original #ingenious #resourceful
by Smartiesinyourpanties November 07, 2012
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