On'ry is an adjective and is a truncated version of the word "ornery". In the Baltimore, Maryland area, use of the term "on'ry" is quite common. In fact, in some of the Baltimore suburbs, reports have surfaced of locals beating down visitors for using "ornery" as opposed to the shortened, less complicated "on'ry". Attempts to question locals regarding this issue are usually met with a blank stare or an open-mouthed gaze downward.
Da-y-am...I'm gettin' on'ry 'cause da price a cigarettes done wen' up ag'in. An' they also jack'd up da price a Coors Light, uh, y'know, so ye'h I'm sure gettin' ev'n on'ryer now!
by Saiga12 April 14, 2011
Top Definition
Common misspelling for ornery.
Only an ornery person would continue using 'onry' after reading this entry. Also: Ornery people would mod this entry down even though it is the correct one.
by Fezboy! June 28, 2007
Origanilly to make fun of the Japanese way of saying "only"
You are the onry one who can stop them
by Oscar Proud July 11, 2005
Onry is a tall kid who likes playing sports but it not good at them.A onry is always mad grumpy and gets mad easily a Onry will be a mean person and smells like 30 burning tires.
that kids such a onry.Wow!!
by micheal scott32 June 19, 2016
Mean, generally grumpy disposition,
often for no particular reason, or with cause, pissed off and angry, with no intention to act on it other than to be unpleasant
1) He was an onry (hornery) ol' man

2) He was in an onry (hornery) mood
by no1ofnote March 04, 2005
to get uncomfortably bothered and mad.

to get "all riled up" but not do anything about it

to get stubborn and perverse.

an empty threat from james

syn: crotchety
"Don't make me get onry"

"James gets onry when chrisi threatens to beat him up"
by chrisi April 24, 2004
Originally meant as a reference to Honoré de Balzac, a writer whose works were banned in many countries during the 1800's, infering a similar character of inflamatory manner or lurid behavior. Being or feeling "Onry" (Anglized form of the french name Honoré)eludes to a person being like the work of the banned author. This reference has been lost to general use but the word remains.
"I don't know why he cut up all your panties...he was just being onry, I guess."
by Blofeld January 23, 2007
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