A booty so sweet that it makes a grown man cry.
Guy 1, "Yo Bruv, you seen that Chick over there?"
Guy 2, "Nah Gangsta - which one?"
Guy 1, "The one with that Onion booty man!"
Guy 2, "G! She's hotter than a spicy hot chili pepper"
Guy 1, "For real, her booty makes me wanna cry, through my eyes and my penis"
by Trevor Benjamin April 18, 2008
a girl who has a small ass waist with a real big ass that make u want 2 fuckin cry
pinky is an onion booty
by lil walk November 04, 2007
A girl's butt that's so fine it makes a man want to cry.

**Originated in Racine, Wisconsin, 1998. It was first used to describe a group of girls who were bowling, and damn they had great asses.**
Now that's an onion booty, walks around making grown men cry.
by Hadou March 12, 2011
Onion Booty: Booty That Can Make A Grown Man Cry
Forget Big Booty Call That Shit Onion Booty Wallahi
by Bobby Loso July 20, 2011
An Onion Booty is an ass so beautiful it will literally put tears to your eyes. (like an onion)(now go cut that ;-)
i saw her, thick as a champ in all the right places. I knew she had an Onion Booty just by the shape of her thighs. She walked by i waited about a second and a half to look back and 5 seconds after i looked, it hit me... That Onion Booty but tears to my eyes.
by Mark Dizzle March 15, 2010
booty looking so damn good it makes you want to cry. Positive- eye candy. Negatively- booty smells so bad makes you want to cry. Booty that disrespects the fabric of your jeans and the smell disrespects your nostrils.
Shes got that onion booty flavor in her jeans.
by Ana.L November 13, 2014
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