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Refers generically to DJ turntables, etymology is a derivative of the best-selling professional-grade DJ turntable, the Technics SL1200, which has for better or worse become the de-facto standard in the club world. See also wheels of steel
Tonight we've got DJ Judge Jules playing live on the ones and twos, live on BBC Radio One.
by Don Engel May 17, 2004
A set of turntables.
Yo, he's off the heezy on dem ones and twos son.
by Rollin May 17, 2004
two turntables - #1 and #2. thus, ones and twos.
Yo, we got DJ Revolution rippin' it up on the ones and twos tonight.
by kha` May 17, 2004
beat juggling two tracks __ track one to track two __ cutting up scratches from fader one to fader two __ straight dropping beats from track one to track two __ left to right __ right to left __ on that one two type ish—mixing the beats up back n' forth.
yo that turntablist be banging tracks back n' forth on those ones and twos—ill style.
by whack_not April 27, 2013
to keep something hush-hush; keep on the down low
Let's keep this on the one's and two's
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
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