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oneeleven is used by geeks with a querty keyboard when they are putting a lot of !!!!.
When they make a mistake, the 1 is one the same button as ! so they make !!!!111
OMFG! i owned that noob and now he is getting his mom!!!!!11!!!oneeleven!
by No need for one... August 28, 2006
Great British aeroplane the BAC 1-11
Look at that oneeleven over there.. A plane spotter at Manchester Airport - September 1981
by David Broome April 09, 2006
(v) to wipe your dirty ass with your index, middle and ring fingers in unison. Typically one does this when there is no toilet paper or suitable substitution available.
Steve one-elevened his messy hiney after realizing he ran out of Charmin.
by Randman January 18, 2006
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