A graphic novel or OAV that has no sequils or following volumes.
"It's too bad this book was a one-shot. It had such a promising story line."

"Too bad the movie was a one-shot. It would have made a great series."
by Allaiyah June 24, 2004
(Used commonly in RPG threads) To create a straightforward plot or scene involving only one character which can get other characters involved in the future.
(Personal messaging)

1st Person: I've just created a oneshot about a zombie break in at the restaurant.

2nd Person: Cool, can I continue that idea in another thread?

1st Person: Sure, let me include that in an edit.
by Candiey April 15, 2014
one shot (wuhn-shot) noun. plural: one shots.

A short story, usually a romantic story about a particular pairing, that is written with 8,000 words or less. It is one chapter in total length, and doesn't go any further than that. Any one shot story can contain a straight, slash or crack pairing and can be from any series of TV show, anime, manga or anything else labeled as generally kawaii or part of pop culture. Breaking these rules may make it a normal fanfiction
Lisa would write one shot fanfics in her free time.
by StickySouchou August 04, 2013
In WoW, being taken from 100% to death in one blow.
Common when bosses enrage or dps and healers get aggro
Tank: "Watch your threat...l2omen"
Boss: waltzes over to lil tiny gnome clothy
by Drgodsauce November 22, 2010
Used often in First Person Shooters when someone acheives a one-hit-kill.
Guy1: Dude, I totally one shotted that guy
Guy2: Bro, that was me.
Guy1: Lol

Guy1: Did you see that oneshot I just got?
Guy2: No, I was worrying about saving my own ass.
Guy1: Lol
by I Am EpicFailGuy January 11, 2009
Term, often used in Halo, to identify an opponant in which one shot to the head with most weapons (Battle Rifle, Magnum, Carbine) will kill said opponant. In other words, the player has no shield.
Commonly used in serious MLG games, this term is often combined with the location of the player.
The purpose of using this term is to request assistance from a nearby teammate in killing the opponant, because in most cases the player identifying said opponant would be unable to do so.
It is important to remember when using this term in-game that it is only effective when paired with a specific location of the player.
"He's one shot in BR1!"
"One shot, BR1!"
by Enzo N20 June 10, 2008
In group gatherings where strong alcoholic beverage is served, Koreans often say out loud " one shot " in English which means one shoud empty his shot glass in one gulp.
Now it's your turn to drink. " one shot ".
by woo joong kim / jee soo kim August 06, 2007

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